Security Systems

Since 1960, P.N. Fire & Burglar Alarm Co., Inc. has been providing peace of mind with their residential and commercial security systems. We specialize in designing and installing the perfect security system for you. Whatever security you're looking for, give us a call at 845-794-6133 and we'll help you determine the best options.

Residential Security System

When setting up a residential security system, it is important to know the points we want to detect unauthorized entry. A seasonal home resident might only alarm the doors and have back up infrared motion sensors. Upon entry, the alarm would sound and send a signal to our Central Station to provide police response.

Being able to add home automation to your house is taking the security and control of your house to the next level. Without even being at your house, you'd be able to turn lights on and off as well as control the thermostat, and much more. So even while you're away, you can make your home look well lived in.

We'll also help you keep your family safe by providing wireless or hardwired smoke sensors that connect to your alarm panel. Carbon monoxide sensors can also provide safety to your family. Propane sensors are also available to find natural gas or propane leaks. These will help keep you safe. Our central station is able to tell the difference between the sensors that are activated. This way we can alert the proper authorities and assist you with the condition at hand. This residential fire alarm system is a priceless investment to protect you and your family. Give us a call at 845-794-6133 to discuss more.
Surveillance System — Security System in Monticello, NY

Commercial Security System

P.N. Fire & Burglar Alarm Co., Inc. specializes in designing and installing commercial security systems. Control panels can be programmed to operate security sensors in buildings from a few hundred square feet to over 10,000 sq. ft. Using built in time clocks and setting schedules, we can tell:

  • What time the alarm is turned on or off.
  • Which employee is arming or disarming the security systems.
  • Detect employees entering after hours and alerting our Central Station.

Reports on these activities are sent on a timely basis for you to review. We also have solutions to help eliminate false alarms, such as those from small animals that might enter a warehouse or garage.

We can also program in the control panel security schedules for different areas of the building that close at different hours. This would allow for your office to close at 5:00 PM with the alarm system on, while the warehouse continues operating without worry of the alarm being set off in that section of the building. When the warehouse closes, that section of the security system can be turned on. This is a very cost effective, allowing one control panel in a multi-functioning building. And to continue to give you peace of mind when the main alarm is disarmed, hold-up switches can be installed by a desk or behind a counter.

Also to note, chime features on the keypad can alert you when the door is opened. Thefts do not always occur from the outside. No matter the size of the security system, we'll design and install the system for your business. Give us a call at 845-794-6133 with any questions.