CCTV & Card Access Systems

Today we live in a world that requires a different level of security than several years ago. You need to restrict access, knowing who's going in and out, as well as see what's going on where you are not. With card access, electronic locks, and CCTV system, you're able to achieve this. P.N. Fire & Burglar Alarm Co., Inc. is able to help you set up all of these systems, to ensure that the best security is achieved for you.

CCTV and Video System

With a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and NVR (Network Video Recorder), you're able to see and record what is occurring where you are not. You can view your video remotely, on so many hand held devices, it's almost impossible to not see your security system when you are not there. In order to ensure this feature is able to be used, it is very important for the system to be installed correctly. Since your ISP (internet service provider) can change your IP often, you'll need a DDNS that is a direct link all the time to your system. Our technician will set this up for you at no additional cost. Use your network to it's full potential and give us a call at 845-794-6133 to discuss your CCTV and video system needs.

Card Access Systems

Surveillance Camera — CCTV Card Access in Monticello, NY
Keeping the doors locked for all but those that are allowed to use it, is a necessity in today's world. Card access and electronic locks solve this problem perfectly. This simple system can be in place to record who is entering and leaving, as well as what time this action takes place. Time schedules can also be entered into the system to allow personnel to enter during specific times, and deny access at other times. Contact P.N. Fire & Burglar Alarm Co., Inc. to ensure that the proper security access system is installed for you.