About P.N. Fire & Burglar Alarm Co., Inc.

Alarm System — Security System in Monticello, NY
P.N. Fire & Burglar Alarm Co., Inc. was started by Phyllis and Norman Kaufman in 1960. Their son, Steven L., and his wife, Lois, and nephew, Steven B. Kaufman, operate the business with offices in Monticello and Middletown, New York. Jared, Phyllis and Norman's grandson, designs camera and security systems and helps install the equipment throughout the Hudson Valley along with the technicians. With the birth of Jared’s son, Nolan, P.N. Alarm is proud to welcome the fourth-generation of this family owned business!

P.N. Alarm understands that your life and the risks you face are different from everyone else, exclusive to you and your lifestyle. From individuals and families to businesses of all sizes, each customer is unique and requires individual attention to design a custom system to match your specific protection needs and goals. The key to protecting what is important to you begins with contacting P.N. Alarm! We will conduct a free survey to determine your specific needs and then a custom system would be designed to accomplish your protection goals and provide you with peace of mind. As a testament to our quality, the UL seal of approval is displayed on our design systems. If you're looking to receive discounts on your home or business insurance policy, we can help.
Our trained and dedicated employees are our greatest strength. They are the men and women, who live in our community and continue to provide professional customer service and installations. Whether your needs are large or small, P.N. Fire & Burglar Alarm Co., Inc. is ready to serve, 24-hours a day.